Wherefore, Fuji? Ch-ch-ch-changes with the X-E2


My dad’s expres­sion here pretty much sums up my feel­ings about the new Fuji X-E2, which I just got in my hands today. I am being hyper­bolic, but I’ll explain myself. And no, I am not unhappy with the camera–in fact, I love it, and it fixes so many of the lit­tle nig­gles that I had with the X-E1. The dials and switches are a lit­tle stiffer, the aut­o­fo­cus is a LOT bet­ter, and mostly all of the good things from the X-E1 were either improved or left alone. Note that I say mostly all.

Sad Pirate-0093

So if every­thing is bet­ter and improved in the X-E2, why all the glum faces and stern looks? I mean, I now have usable Auto-ISO, Wi-Fi, and a move­able focus point in con­tin­u­ous aut­o­fo­cus mode. I have a nice big LCD on the back, and phase-detect on the sen­sor. What’s the deal, Mark?

Here’s the deal. The ‘View Mode’ but­ton is gone, and I can’t get it back. I can’t assign it to my won­der­ful new Fn2 but­ton because Fuji won’t let me. I have to dive into the menus. That in itself is an annoy­ance, but some­thing I can live with. More troubling–and vastly more annoying–is that now Fuji won’t allow me to divorce my shoot­ing from my playback.

Sad Pirate-0032

Huh? Let me explain. On the X-E1, your view mode choices are EVF, eye sen­sor, or LCD. The eye sen­sor works great for a lot of peo­ple, but I don’t like it because the back LCD sucks an already lim­ited sup­ply of juice. Also, some­times the eye sen­sor won’t acknowl­edge that my bespec­ta­cled eye­ball is look­ing through the EVF, leav­ing me in the dark. The X-E1 works prop­erly, allow­ing me to use the EVF for pho­tograph­ing, and then the LCD for play­back. That way I don’t have to con­stantly be peer­ing into the viewfinder to review images or what­ever. Addi­tion­ally, hav­ing a view mode but­ton allowed me to quickly tog­gle the view back to the LCD when either shoot­ing from a tri­pod, or when going through sev­eral set­tings changes, it being eas­ier to wade through the menus on the LCD than peer­ing through the eyepiece.

Sad Pirate-0098

This is no small issue, and makes some oper­a­tions need­lessly cum­ber­some. I have seen oth­ers already blog­ging about this issue, and have read no reviews damn­ing the view mode but­ton on the X-E1. It’s not a deal­breaker, but it is a major annoy­ance on an oth­er­wise stel­lar cam­era. The X-E2 is such a great refine­ment on the X-E1 in vir­tu­ally every mean­ing­ful way, except for this regression.

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I’m cer­tainly not chuck­ing the cam­era into the trash can, and I can really hardly com­plain, as the X-E2 has merely cemented my deci­sion to make these lit­tle won­ders my main cam­eras. I’m only hop­ing that enough sin­gu­lar voices will, in aggre­gate, make a state­ment loud and clear to Fuji. If they hear it, I have no doubt they’ll fix the issue, as Fuji has been so fan­tas­tic about lis­ten­ing and mak­ing changes that mat­ter to pho­tog­ra­phers. The X-E2 proves that, in addi­tion to all the firmware updates they con­tinue to roll out to the var­i­ous cam­era bod­ies and lenses.

I love you, Fuji, and right now you have me 90% com­mit­ted. Give me back my view mode choices, and we can make some beau­ti­ful music together. I can just feel it.


**If any­one cares, even­tu­ally I can write a short review of the X-E2, though I’m not sure there’s much to be said. At this point I cer­tainly haven’t had enough time with it to say any­thing defin­i­tive, other than that it’s sub­jec­tively “better.”


  1. John Leach on Nov 16, 2013 at 8:32 am

    I agree whole heart­edly. Annoy­ing for sure. I want it back.

  2. John Barclay on Nov 16, 2013 at 9:21 pm

    Yes, Fuji, please give us our view mode back by mak­ing it a choice for the Fn2 but­ton. THANK YOU!

  3. Mahat on Nov 19, 2013 at 9:05 am

    I just received my x-e2. I am so thor­oughly dis­ap­pointed for the very same reason.

    Did you write to the Fuji head­quar­ters? I have already sent them about dozen mes­sages com­plain­ing about the issue. I hope they are going to fix it in the first firmware update. I sug­gest you do the same. More com­plaints they receive, more likely they are going to respond.

    What they should ide­ally do is:

    - When the “menu” but­ton is pressed, the LCD screen should turn on.
    – When the “play” but­ton is pressed, the LCD screen should turn on.


  4. Mahat on Nov 19, 2013 at 9:10 am

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