About Me

When my wife and I got married, we were young and naive and made a poor choice of wedding photographer, shopping more on price than quality. We ended up with mostly memories, and fortunately a few photographs from my father and stepfather, both excellent photographers. That experience stuck with me as I followed my own path into photography, and contributed to a very strong commitment to professionalism and making the best photographs possible, whatever the occasion, and whomever the client.

If you’re a person that needs to be photographed, I want to be the one who does it. I love shooting portraits, I love catching fleeting moments, gestures, expressions. I love recording events, important days, momentous occasions, everyday happiness. While I sometimes photograph things that are not people, I am driven by, and derive the most satisfaction from, taking compelling photographs of people, whatever the reason. Candid or formal, color or black and white, I have experience shooting weddings, families, professional headshots, promotional work, event photography, modeling work, live shows, etc.

I shoot 100% digital because of the simplified workflow, but can shoot film as well, upon request. I enjoy film, but find much more control and efficiency in the digital darkroom (but, of course, sacrifice the contact high from darkroom chemicals).

If you like what you see, I am available for hire, and have a full complement of professional equipment–cameras, lenses, and lighting. I am centrally located in North Carolina and love to travel, so don’t hesitate to get in touch if you’re not in Durham or the Triangle.

Please contact me and we’ll come up with a photoshoot customized to your needs.

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