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Mike + Diana – Thirty Five Years and Going Strong

June 18, 2012 | No comments yet

One of the things I have always loved most about photography is the opportunity it provides to meet new people and have a small window into their lives. Such was the case when I recently got an opportunity to take some photos of Mike and Diana to celebrate their thirty-fifth anniversary. To record this significant […]

Vacation or Photo Expedition? Balancing Photography and Family

March 27, 2012 | One comment

If you are like me, any time you take a trip somewhere, you get excited about opportunities to see new things with fresh eyes. Not only do you have some time away from the daily grind, but you have some time away from the familiar, and you can recharge your creative batteries. Every time I […]

Egrets! An Essay on How to Be Prepared and Unprepared for a Shoot

September 13, 2011 | No comments yet

Those that know me know that above all, I am a portrait shooter–I like photographing people. However, as I’ve mentioned before in this blog, when I’m not photographing people, I push myself to photograph other things–landscapes, wildlife, skateboarding, whatever. Whether the photographic results are good or bad, they always teach me something, usually useful, about […]