Stupid Fresh – Ben and the Beginning of a Project

Several things came together recently, prompting me to start a portrait project. I was referred to someone at Louisburg College who might be able to show some of my work. I was looking for some space to use as a pseudo-studio, and my friend Ben offered up his garage. I wanted to do some personal portrait work, to develop my style, my aesthetic, and to hone my approach to photographing people. It all just sort of came together, and a project was born.

I had been eager to see Ben’s artwork for a long time when he offered up some garage space behind his house for me to use as studio space. I told him I’d come check out the space, and asked him if I could see some of his work at the same time. When I saw his painting, and his workspace, I realized that he would kick off a series of portraits–some artists, some dancers, some aficionados of various things–that would be my work. I decided to photograph these people as they wanted to be seen, as I see them. By the time I’m done, I hope to have 40-50 portraits. Of those, I am hoping to print, mat, and frame at least 25 of them to hang in an exhibition sometime in 2012.

I am excited to see where the project will lead, and already feel energized by what I feel are some of the strongest and most interesting portraits I have taken. I will be trying to blog about the project weekly-ish, as I go along, to share with you. And hopefully, once I get a date set in 2012, you’ll come out to my opening, see the prints all together, and chat and mingle with some of the subjects.

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