Just a Reminder…

I am generally not on the bandwagon of photographers who think that the iPhone or other, camera-equipped smartphones, are the answer to having your camera with you all the time and taking great photos. I like Instagram (though I don’t personally use it because they don’t have it for Android) and its ilk, and I like the idea of having a simple camera to take photos. However, there are lots of photos that I see taken with a phone where I think: “man, that would’ve looked so AWESOME if only they’d used a real camera.”

Still, I find myself taking photos with my Droid, and processing them in-phone with apps that make them look like they were shot with Holgas, or on Polaroid, or Tri-X, or whatever. There IS something satisfyingly lo-fi about it. And really, the point of it–the point of this whole blog post–is that photography is not about the camera, or about photoshop, or about megapixels, or about film or format. It’s about seeing, it’s about opportunity, it’s about colors, lines, light and dark, angles and curves, contrast and depth.

It’s all so alluringly simple and simultaneously frustratingly complex. Go imagine something beautiful, then take a photo of it, then share it with your friends.

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