More Instagram…

Since returning from my trip to Oregon, I have taken some more photos with my iPhone and Instagram, and I have taken some more time to consider its increasing role in my photography. Though I still don’t think it could ever take the place of my other cameras, increasingly I find that the iPhone has its own story to tell. And, lest I sound like an Apple fanboy (I’m not, but am increasingly becoming one… maybe), it’s the particular symbiosis of Instagram and the iPhone that works for me, not any particular inherent goodness of the iPhone (but there is a lot of inherent iPhone goodness).

At this point, I am finding myself sometimes on the verge of iPhone-photography-obsessed. I look for opportunities to use Instagram, I pull it out and take photos all the time… sometimes inopportune times. Both of my parents seem a little unsettled, but I feel compelled to make images with my phone when the other cameras would be cumbersome, clunky, uncomfortably conspicuous. I like the challenge of making more than snapshots, of using these powerful, handheld tools to make real images. With great power comes great responsibility, I guess… but Instagram is just so COOL!.

I don’t know that I have any great proclamations for this follow up to my original post about Instagram and the iPhone. I let it rest for awhile, back at home with the familiar, as I was. There wasn’t anything I felt compelled to document for a moment. But then things started to catch my eye, and the Instagram dialogue between my peers and myself resumed.

Mostly, i just wanted to share some more photos. Maybe by admitting I have a problem, I might be able to keep this Insta-addiction in check.

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