Back That Stuff UP!

If you are a serious photographer, you are familiar with the task that is backing up your files. Whatever your system, whether it be RAID, or Drobo, or something primitive and time consuming like what I do, you probably recognize the importance of backing up your files in case of disaster…. or do you?

This past week I have been recovering from a drive failure that has been both annoying and affirming. Annoying in that any time the drive with your operating system tanks, it’s a huge time sink. Affirming in reminding me of why I need be so diligent in backing up my files. In short, what could have been disaster has been greatly mitigated by having multiple backups of all critical files. I could take it a step further by having some stuff off site, but I have been spending my time re-installing applications and a new operating system, rather than ruing the loss of critical photos.

The photo at the top is of my nephew Jacob–isn’t he too freaking cute??? If he can’t convince you to backup your important files, well, I don’t know what will.

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