Well, it’s Here: The Canon 5D Mark III

I have my hands on a Canon 5D Mark III, thanks to B&H, and will be running it through its paces over the next few weeks. I am shooting  a wedding next Saturday and am hoping, in particular, to have familiarized myself with the many differences by then.

In the initial run-through, first impressions are positive. What strikes me is how this is the first Canon DSLR I have held that handles more like a Nikon–the way it’s sculpted and the quality of the grip material remind me very much of the D300 I used to have, and that’s no bad thing.

Feel free to leave comments if there are particular things you’d like to to say about the camera, and I’ll do my best. I won’t be commenting too much on the video portion, though, since I have to get acclimated to all the new stills features, first.

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