Don’t Fear Your Vision

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For every creative high, there is an inevitable low. After four straight days of shooting the Full Frame Documentary Film Festival, and with some fun upcoming shoots simmering on the stove, I’m taking a breather in one of those creative valleys. I am happy with the work I’m creating, but I’m also feeling tapped out at the moment, and so going through some of my favorite recent images. The most obvious manifestation of this creative lull is the lack of much good blog writing–I’m relying on my images to carry me through right now until I can muster the energy for some more great writing. I’m okay with that–there have to be times of input to fuel the streaks of output. On the bright side, I’m creating work that is satisfying, and helping to allay some of the anxiety I’m feeling about some potential opportunities I have coming up and some near-misses that I’ve experienced recently.


Failure and rejection are integral parts of the creative process. They keep you hungry, they keep you pushing forward, and they weed out those who aren’t absolutely singleminded in their pursuit of success. If it’s all easy peaches and cream, you’re doing it wrong.

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Try to relax, try to enjoy the ride, and let your vision drive you. Trust it.


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