Monsoon Summer

Puddle Jumper

It’s a wonder we haven’t floated away yet, rainy as it’s been in North Carolina this summer. I mean, we are used to rain, but not like this kind of rain–this heavy, persistent, record-breaking rain that is flooding things like I’ve never seen before.

Boat Ramp-5971

Between the rainstorms and the firestorms brewing in the NC Legislature, there’s been a lot going on. Swelling water, swelling concerns. Civil disobedience. Nature’s disobedience.  It could all seem kind of apocalyptic, looked at in the right way.


I have been pretty quiet the last few weeks, but I can assure you I have been documenting the deluge along with my life. Taking some quiet time to recharge and listen to the voice inside me, rather than try to force the photos. I have been keeping pretty busy, with a beach wedding to write about, and some engagement photos to share, and lots of QT with the little one at festivals and outings and just enjoying the summer evenings on the porch.

Boat Ramp-5810

We have had some gnarly thunderstorms this summer, and along with them, amazing swirling clouds and dark skies.  Expansive puddles. Incredibly muggy breaks when the sun comes out. I have been enjoying my summer more than most, having ventured out regularly, rather than my usual hiding in my climate controlled house, where it is cool and dry. Maybe I’ve accepted that I am a North Carolinian, finally, after thirty three years.

Boat Ramp-6486

This summer, more than most, with its dramatic storms and muggy heat, has taken me back to my childhood spending summers in exotic sounding places like Arapahoe and Oriental. Days spent on Sunfish or on the archery range, or out in fallow corn fields at dawn, drawing a bead on doves as they fly desperately away.

Boat Ramp-6426

This is my summer song, my rain dance, my progress report, lest you think I’ve disappeared, or wandered off, or something. My attention has been elsewhere, compact flash cards dumped onto the laptop at the ends of long, sweaty days exploring–photos collected and forgotten. I’m finding them now, and sharing them, this record of the rain, my perspective on this monsoon summer.


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