Life: Unscripted

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I am having one of those moments where I want to write a blog about everything and nothing, pulled this way and that by the various points I want to make. So. I’ll just say this: I think probably my calling is as a documentary photographer after one fashion or another, and I find the most gratifying (at least personally) photos in the unplanned, unposed, and unperfect moments of life. That’s probably why I enjoy photographing weddings–I enjoy documenting the managed chaos at it unfolds. I also wanted to mention that sometimes we should, as photographers, resist the urge to share our photos right away. Yes, I just said it. Resist the temptation to seek instant gratification on Social Media and amongst your peers.

I’ll even take it one step further–sometimes, when special things are happening, put away or don’t take the camera, and EXPERIENCE the moment. I know, I know, as visual storytellers sometimes through the viewfinder is how we experience the moment fully, able as we are to later revisit it over and over through photos, and to share the experience with others. However, in this world of visual inundation, when musicians are asking their audience to put away their camera phones, when we are battered into submission by relentless imagery and updates, sometimes you should just unplug. All the way.

Just enjoy making s’mores with your kids around the illegal beach campfire. Enjoy chasing hundreds of ghost crabs scuttling along the beach, illuminated by handcranked flashlights.

Keep it as your own special moment, shared only with those that were right around you at the time–your own special secret.

I just spent about thirty-six unbelievably perfect hours with dear friends, and came home with a veritable wealth of favorite images. I want to share them all, immediately, in one fell swoop. But where is the magic, the art, and the surprise, in that?

I cheated, and shared a few, but I’m holding back on the best ones. Why? Well, that’s a surprise. :)

Also, I kind of feel like I only ever want to shoot in black and white anymore.

Have a great weekend.


I warned you that this would be kind of all over the place.

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