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Photographers Photographing Photographers

July 25, 2013 | 2 comments

I just flew across the country again, so forgive me if this blog isn’t 100% coherent. It’s been a long day, and it’s 3am east coast time. I’m here to photograph a wedding of a friend and photographer this weekend, and had some time to reflect on the flights over, without the usual distractions of […]

Photoborg: A Self-Portrait

June 18, 2013 | No comments yet

Every once in awhile, when I’m bored and I have some time, I make some self-portraits. I have been kicking around a blog about the function that self-portraits serve for photographers–a long, philosophical discussion about narcissism, self-expression, self-image, etc. Unfortunately, that’s still very nebulous and I haven’t figured out how to put it all together. […]

Reality Distortion Field

May 23, 2013 | No comments yet

This morning, as I drank my coffee and scrolled through my Facebook feed, I was struck by all that is wonderful and terrible about the Internet. To be sure, there is much to love, and much to despise. There is the sharing, the community, the communication, the mingling of ideas that creates new things that […]

la poire et une assiette, le hibou et le lapin

April 3, 2013 | No comments yet

With Easter, and work, and the Full Frame Documentary Film Festival getting ready to kick off tomorrow, I haven’t been devoting much of my brain to the blog this week. So instead I’ll leave you with some simple images, from which you can draw your own conclusions. I used a French title to make them […]

The Midrange Zoom — The Lens You Love to Hate

March 29, 2013 | No comments yet

Some lenses just don’t get a lot of love. Call them the Rodney Dangerfields of the photographic world–no matter how hard they try, they just can’t get any respect. They can be sharp, they can be useful, they can be fast, but they continue unloved, like the guy that all the girls really like (as […]

Remember to Live

March 25, 2013 | No comments yet

I want to share something with you all that I read this morning, since it had such an impact on me. It is an article on busyness, and that most of us are too busy, anxious to fill every nook and cranny of idle time in our lives with something important. Since I quit my […]

The Ubiquitous Lens

March 24, 2013 | No comments yet

I haven’t been to our nation’s capital in about ten years. The last time I was here was before the iPhone, before the iPad, before the avalanche of digital cameras, large and small, simple and sophisticated, in the world marketplace. I’m sure everyone was snapping away then on their film cameras and early digital back […]

Leftovers: Clearing Out Your Fridge with Great Food

March 5, 2013 | No comments yet

Yeah, you read that right. No, you didn’t accidentally click over to I really am writing about food. I don’t think it’s the first time, and it probably won’t be the last. I can’t help myself–I was struck with this inspiration while sitting down to eat, and well, you know I have a couple […]

Speak Up, Because I Can’t Hear You!

February 27, 2013 | No comments yet

Yesterday, I had a meeting with Jess Leff, the person behind my first class at West Point on the Eno. We discussed future classes and projects, and she mentioned the enthusiasm and positive feedback from the portrait photography class I taught in January. In the recap of that class, I solicited folks for feedback on […]

The Ebb and Flow

| No comments yet

This blog has no real beginning–no inspiration, no epiphany, no “light bulb” moment. I’ve been going through older photos again, feeling what they evoke, allowing myself to be transported back to those specific moments. Creativity ebbs and flows, and even when it ebbs, sometimes you feel compelled to create. Sometimes you still have to make […]