la poire et une assiette, le hibou et le lapin


la poire et une assiette

With Easter, and work, and the Full Frame Documentary Film Festival getting ready to kick off tomorrow, I haven’t been devoting much of my brain to the blog this week. So instead I’ll leave you with some simple images, from which you can draw your own conclusions. I used a French title to make them seem fancier. :p


la poire seul

If there’s a moral to this blog post, it’s that some things in life are simple, wonderful, and perfect, like a pear. You must patiently wait for them to ripen, being ever watchful as their moment of perfect ripeness–that balance where the flesh is neither soft nor quite firm and the pear-y sweetness is just right–is fleeting.


la poire, la assiette, et le hibou


le lapin, et l’enfant

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