Camera Nerd Blog ‘O The Week: What’s In My Bag, Concert Edition

Concert Kit-

I recently had a couple of photo gigs–photographing vintage dolls and doing some promo shots for the very talented Karen and Shawn Galvin of New Music Raleigh–that involved so much gear I elected not to do a “What’s in My Camera Bag?” because the logistics were too tiresome. There was a ThinkTank Airport International bag full of stuff, and THEN lightstands, Alienbees strobes and modifiers, and lighting accessories. Given enough time, I’m sure I could have figured it out, but suffice to say, it was a lot of stuff.

Sometimes (maybe even most times), less is more. In stark contrast to the kit I brought to the previous shoots is the kit I am bringing with me to tonight’s New Music Raleigh performance of Beck’s Song Reader at King’s Barcade in Raleigh. This kit is dictated by the venue and by the lighting I am likely to encounter–i.e., standing-room only and pretty dark. Though I may have access to a very difficult-to-reach upper perch, most of my photographs will likely be taken from down amongst the crowd. I will need to have the full kit on me as I make my way through the crowd, which dictates having a smaller bag and a lighter, smaller kit than I might otherwise bring. Lighting dictates fast zooms or, even better, fast primes, which have the added advantage of generally being smaller and less obtrusive than their zoom peers.

I will note that you should always have a backup camera if you are shooting something professionally. In this case, I will have the 1DmkIII that I used to make this photo, but didn’t picture it because it will likely be left somewhere where I can access it if needed, but it won’t be part of the working kit.

So here’s what I have in the bag (a Tamrac Adventure Messenger 4) and why:

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