This spring in Durham we have had a stretch of cool, drippy, cloudy weather that reminds me more of Seattle than North Carolina. Where we have temperatures lingering in the sixties this year, we usually have muggy eighties. I am enjoying the cooler weather, and even the rain.


Even though it’s not always fun to get soaked while wandering around downtown, you often have unique opportunities to photograph things in different ways, and to play with large reflections. So out I went with raincoat, boots, and the more weathersealed of my cameras, in search of interesting stuff.


In addition to reflections, rainy, overcast days often provide dramatic, fast-moving clouds, even light, and sometimes dramatic light when the sun peeks through the moving clouds. You can get contrasts of golden light and dark blue clouds, and if you’re lucky, you might get a rainbow or two in there (today I was not so lucky).


I also took the opportunity to play around more with Google’s Nik Collection, a suite of tools that I have used for years (before Google bought them), but have only recently started using as plug-ins with Adobe Lightroom (having before used them in Photoshop). With Adobe poised to push its Creative Suite into the Cloud, I am working harder than ever to move my workflow completely into Lightroom.


I know that I posted some similar shots of Durham and the West Village area recently, but I hope these are different enough that it doesn’t feel repetitive.


Hopefully, before too long, the rain will stop long enough that I can at least mow my lawn–once the weather turns nice, everything green starts taking over!




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