Decking the Halls: Holidays, American Tobacco, and Nouveau Velvia

Lucky Strike

Okay, okay… all you folks have been champing at the bit since what seems like the beginning of September to get your holiday spirit on and put up the lights, wreaths, and Christmas trees, and it’s finally time. Let loose the caroling crooners over the airwaves, bring on the gingerbread, stockings, elves, menorahs, and dreidels.


Isaac and I took the opportunity of a lovely crisp evening to stroll around the American Tobacco campus and see how their decking of the halls is coming along. Usually, the Lucky Strike tower features colored Christmas lights as well, so I guess they’re not done yet.

Waiting for a date

I brought along the Fuji X-E2 and Fujinon 18mm f/2, and shot JPEG with the Velvia film simulation. Normally I find the Velvia setting to be a bit too contrasty and vivid, but during blue hour with lots of different artificial light, I used it to exaggerate and stylize the converted tobacco factory buildings.

Criss Cross

I continue to be impressed by the little Fujis and the files they produce–the colors, the detail, the high ISO performance are all fantastic. They are a joy to carry around–I had the X-E2 in my hand, and the 35mm f/1.4 along with a spare battery (you should always have a spare battery on you with these cameras!) stowed weightlessly away in a jacket pocket.

Evening Stroll

One of the great features at American Tobacco this holiday season is an outdoor ice skating rink, something totally new to me in North Carolina, and a ton of fun! We have already been once, though we were both too tired to skate on this occasion.

Bay 7

I imagine as we get closer to Christmas, the cold weather, the decorations, and the holiday music will all enhance the specialness of the outdoor skating experience. I love that someone had the idea to do it!

Criss Cross II

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