Quick Travel Tip for Photographers

Domke Protective Wrap

I just wanted to make a quick post this morning about something that I discovered while trying to figure out how to easily carry all my camera gear on my recent trip to the west coast. Because I was doing some paid work while I was out there, I needed to take a backup camera, in this case my Canon 1Dmk3. Photographers typically have many different bags to serve a variety of purposes, and they range from small to large.

I, however, did not have a great solution for the stuff I was taking with me. I wanted a bag that was was small enough to be comfortable and relatively inconspicuous if I were walking around on the streets of Seattle, but big enough to hold everything I needed to take–in this case three lenses and two camera bodies. Most of my smaller bags will carry one body and the three lenses, but can’t fit a second body. I also didn’t want to add cost to the trip by buying another pricey bag, and that’s where the Domke Protective Wrap comes in.

Knowing that I was going to take my backpack with me on the trip because it holds all my carryon stuff plus my laptop, I started looking for a way to carry the second camera body in my bag. A quick search on B&H’s website turned up this protective wrap–essentially a padded wrap that has velcro at each corner that will stick anywhere on the fuzzy side. You can use this wrap for lenses, flashes, camera bodies, whatever. They come in different sizes, and I think this is the “medium” size–it’s fifteen inches square.

Like padded inserts for messenger bags, the Domke Protective Wrap is an easy solution for carrying camera gear in non-camera specific bags, whether it be for convenience or concealment.

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