Facial Hair and Muscle on Display – Durham Event Photographer

Beards and Moustaches_web-5780

Beauty, brawn, panache–they were all on display this past Saturday, March sixteenth at the First Annual Durham Beard and Mustache Contest at Bull McCabe’s in Downtown Durham. In addition to a great group of men and women sporting all varieties of facial hair, the League of Upper Extremity Wrestling Women of Durham (L.U.E.W.W.D) was also on hand to show off their raw strength and grace in a series of intense arm-wrestling matches. Phatlynx and Pink Flag bookended the festivities with some great music.

Coming just a few weeks after Raleigh’s Tweed Ride, this instant classic was organized by an inspired group of Durham folks and is a new Bull City tradition that I’m glad I was able to witness in its first installment. The full gallery can be found on my Facebook page, so here I’ll just share a few of my personal favorites.

Beards and Moustaches_web-5378

Beards and Moustaches_web-5511

Beards and Moustaches_web-5655

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Beards and Moustaches_web-5873

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Beards and Moustaches_web-6244

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Beards and Moustaches_web-6719

Beards and Moustaches_web-6819

Beards and Moustaches_web-6865

Beards and Moustaches_web-6913

Beards and Moustaches_web-7135

Beards and Moustaches_web-7152

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